🕸️ CLV Web Wallet

What is CLV Web Wallet

CLV web wallet is the most secure decentralized web-based digital wallet. It has a lot of great features:

1. OAuth social logins without password

Usually, a crypto wallet needs users to provide a seed phrase or a private key to secure their crypto assets. This may lead to two risks:
  • Users may forget their seed phrase or private key, and they will never get back of their assets.
  • Users may have their seed phrase or private key hacked, and they will permanently lose their assets.
CLV web wallet provides a OAuth social login mechanism, no passwords and no downloads. Users can connect their wallet account by Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. No more complicated seed phrases or private keys.
CLV web wallet inherits traditional account recovery systems that allow users to recover their account via email/social login. And users don't need to worry about that if they lose access to their accounts.

2. Noncustodial Key Management

CLV web wallet never stores users' private key or seed phrase in cloud service. All the credential info are accessible only by users. CLV web wallet is powered by decentralized noncustodial PKI infrastructure that is maintained by users themselves and IPFS with encryption.

3. Send and receive digital currencies via email

Using CLV web wallet, users don't need to remember the complicated addresses of their contacts. They can send and receive digital currencies via email.

4. Multichain support

CLV web wallet is multichain based. It supports most of the main blockchains, such as Ethereum, BSC, Polkadot, Kusama, Polygon, OKX chain, Fantom, etc.