Create an account

Firstly, open CLV Apps portal and select the "CLV" node in the network list in the left side navigation bar.

Generate an account using CLV Apps

Click the "Accounts" menu item in the top navigation bar.

New Account

There're several buttons to add an account: "Add account", "Restore JSON", "Add via Qr", etc.

Click "Add account" to create a new account.

After setting the account information click the "Next" button.

Click the "Save" button, the account will be created and the backup file will be promoted to download. Save the backup file to a safe location and keep it secret.

Restore account from backup

You can restore an account by restoring it from the json backup file.

Click "Restore JSON" button

Select your backup json file and fill the password of the json file then click the "Restore" Button. The account will be restored to the account list.

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