$CLV Cross-Chain Explorer

CLV Cross-Chain Explorer (https://tx.clover.finance/) shows all the information about the CLV cross chain transactions

Cross-chain Transaction Summary

The summary section will show:

  • Total cross-chain transaction happened

  • Total cross-chain volume in $CLV

  • Total number of addresses who participate the cross-chain

  • Current cross-chain fees. CLV M-Chain <-> Ethereum and CLV M-Chain <-> BSC

Also users can search all the cross-chain transactions by hash or their $CLV (Native token, ERC20, BEP20) token address

Cross-chain Transaction Record

cross-chain transaction list will show all the details, like:

  • From address, with the source blockchain info

  • To address, with the target blockchain info

  • Amount of $CLV transferred

  • The cross-chain transaction time, fee, duration, and status

Cross-chain Transaction Details

You can click the cross-chain transaction record to expand the details:

  • Burn info, including the transaction hash, block number, block confirmations, etc. You can also view the burn transaction on Etherscan or Subscan

  • Mint info

  • Claim info, including the claim transaction hash, claim block, claim time, etc.

Claim Your $CLV

In some rare cases, for example you uninstall the CLV mobile or extension wallet which contains pending cross-chain transactions, you will need to manually claim your $CLV.

There are two ways to claim your $CLV:

Using Cross-Chain Explorer

  1. First, click the "Claim $CLV" button on the right upper corner

  2. Fill in the claim form:

Blockchain: you need to select the blockchain where the transaction happened.

Transaction Hash: you need to copy your transaction hash from Etherscan or BscScan

CLV chain Address: make sure the CLV chain address is yours, otherwise you may lose your $CLV forever!

Private Key: the private key or seed phrase of your Ethereum/BSC account (CLV will never save your private key, it will only be used in your computer, and deleted from any cache once you close the claim dialog!).

3. Confirm the claim

4. Check your balance after claim succeed

Using CLV Extension Wallet

  • First, you need to install CLV intension wallet and import the same account from which you sent the previous cross-chain transaction

  • Connect you wallet to the cross-chain transaction explorer

  • Search your address or the pending transaction hash

  • Expand the detail, and click the "Claim" button

  • Input your claiming CLV chain address trigger the claim process

Once you input your CLV chain address, just click "claim" to invoke CLV extension wallet to sign your claim request.

Once your claim is successful, you can view your claim transaction detail in Subscan.

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