Using Testnet

This section shows how to connect to CLV TestNet using MetaMask or Remix

CLV Test Net

Please refer to the following details for CLV TestNet:

  • Network Name: CLV TestNet

  • RPC URL:




  • Web Socket URL:

    • wss://

    • wss://

    • wss://

  • ChainID: 1023

  • Symbol (Optional): CLV

For a full list of CLV networks please check out the Clover Network List page.

Using MetaMask for TestNet

In MetaMask, navigate to Settings -> Networks -> Add Network and fill in the above details:

Then the MetaMask can connect to CLV TestNet. You can apply CLV for test via the faucet

Using Remix for Test Net

Make sure your MetaMask is connected to CLV TestNet as described above. The screenshot is as follows:

Connect to CLV TestNet

If you want to set up a local node, which can connect to CLV TestNet, please use the following command to start your local node:

./target/release/clover --chain specs/clover-preview-iris.json \
    --port 30333 --ws-port 9944 --rpc-port 9933  \
    --name myNode --rpc-cors=all --rpc-methods=Unsafe \
    --validator --unsafe-ws-external --unsafe-rpc-external \
    --execution wasm

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