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Clover Finance Crowdloan Reward and Allocation Details

Clover is a Foundational Layer for Cross-chain Compatibility

Clover is a Substrate-based, EVM-compatible blockchain infrastructure platform, focused on multi- and cross-chain compatibility for DeFi applications and interoperability between different blockchains.

Featured as Coinlist’s most noteworthy projects in 2021 and backed by respected industry institutions such as Polychain Capital, Alameda Research and Huobi Ventures, Clover’s functional products currently have more than 200,000+ users.

Clover’s native token CLV is also the first Polkadot project parachain candidate token that went on Coinlist’s public sale, and it is the most liquid token to-date -- listed on all major exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, FTX, Huobi and OKEx.

Our vision for a better multi-chain future is exactly why you should support Clover Finance to be one of the first Polkadot Parachain. Also, you will receive generous rewards for making your contribution to our Crowdloan.

All You Need to Know About the Clover Crowdloan

Key Takeaways of Clover Crowdloan Reward Scheme

  • Total of 200,000,000 CLV tokens (20% of Total CLV Supply)

  • No Fixed DOT Hardcap

  • Starting Reward Rate is 1 DOT = 100 CLV (roughly 150% equivalent APY, adjusted to current CLV price)

  • Reward rate will change gradually based on total number of DOT contribution as Crowdloan proceeds

  • Final Reward Rate for each individual contributor is determined on total number of DOT at auction close

  • 28% immediate release on project parachain launch (30% for contributors via Binance)

  • 72% monthly release over next 23 months after launch Contribute your DOT by normal means, or play The LUCKY Gachapon for extra reward

How Final Reward Rate is Determined

Calculation of Final Reward Rate follows this simple formula:

200,000,000 ÷ Total DOT contribution to Clover

For example, if Clover Finance is winning the parachain slot with 8,000,000 DOT contributed, the final rate will be:

200,000,000 ÷ 8,000,000 = 25 CLV

In this case, if Alice contributed 50 DOT to Clover Crowdloan, she will receive 50 × 25 = 1250 CLV as reward.

After a Successful Auction

28% of the individual's reward will be immediately released on project parachain launch. (30% for contributors via Binance and Huobi)

The Remaining 72% (or 70% respectively) of tokens will be vested for the next 23 months. Unlock of tokens will be on a monthly basis.

What If We Didn’t Win?

Though Clover Finance is extremely confident in winning a slot in the first batch of Polkadot parachain auctions, it’s still possible that we are not able to secure a slot in this round.

In an event like this, Polkadot crowdloan module as well as our partner exchanges will return your contributed DOT to your wallet/account.

Where You Can Make Your Crowdloan Contribution to Clover

Option 1: Support Clover via Exchanges

You can easily make your DOT crowdloan contribution via participating exchanges:

Binance -

  • If you are participating via Binance before Nov 11th, you are eligible to share $12 Million worth of CLV in Clover x Binance Pre-crowdloan event.

  • Reward tokens are fully unlocked at launch, and are additions to the normal Clover Crowdloan Reward.

  • Initial token release rate will be 30% instead of 28%.

  • Your contributed DOT will stay liquid on Binance as bDOT.

Option 2: Clover’s Custom Crowdloan Dashboard on Clover.Finance

Participate in the Clover crowdloan directly through the website when it is opened.

Option 3: Through the Polkadot.js App

Contribute DOT directly through the native polkadot.js dApp using the Polkadot.js or Clover wallet. This will use the Crowdloan pallet built into the Polkadot Relay Chain.


The LUCKY Gachapon LUCKY is a collection of NFT, non-fungible digital arts that are uniquely living on the Binance Smart Chain. LUCKY is a randomized yet limited NFT collection in 26 alphabets, designed with Clover essentials, available in a mixture of six different colors. The combination of 26 alphabets you have determines how lucky you are and your reward - the numbers of $CLV (Clover Finance token).

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