Clover Finance Rebrands to CLV

On March 10th, 2022, Clover Finance proudly announced the rebrand to CLV, committing a Move further into the Web3 Future. Below is the original announcement.

TL;DR: Amid the upcoming release of new Wallet and Chain products, Clover Finance is rebranding to CLV in pursuit of an easier approach to a wider audience group. $CLV token remains as the centerpiece for securing and governing the parachain network in the CLV ecosystem; more utilities will be enabled in the future as development advances.

Today is one of the big days for our project. We are excited to announce that Clover Finance is rebranding to CLV, a move further into the web3 future.

What is CLV?

CLV stands for Connectivity, Legible, Versatile.

Built with interoperability and cross-chain in mind, CLV products offer great connectivity within the ever-growing and expanding crypto space.

Usability has been an issue with decentralized applications, users are easily lost in tons of options. CLV aims to provide legible, easy-to-use Web3 products that are accommodating to a wider range of users.

We all want swiss-knives that are versatile enough to combat any circumstances. CLV product line includes CLV Chain and CLV Wallet are all for decentralized day-to-day use, it can fulfil usersโ€™ DeFi, Social, Gaming and any other need in Web3.

Now, weโ€™re keeping the Cloverโ€™s old history as a greenish gradient but more dynamic and sharp!

Whatโ€™s not changed?

Our core value proposition has never been changed โ€” we are here to build a foundational platform that serves decentralized applications to people.

$CLV token remains as the centerpiece for securing and governing the parachain network in the CLV ecosystem. At the same time, we are actively looking for more ways for users to engage and participate in the CLV ecosystem using $CLV token.

Whatโ€™s next?

CLV team have been working on expanding CLVโ€™s scope and partnerships in the past a few months, and we will continue to do so and to bring more exciting news and updates to you. CLV is fully devoted to building a welcoming web3 community via our products.

Thank you all, and we look forward to a great Web3 future ahead with all of you together.

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