Stake as a Nominator
In this page you will find guide stake your $CLV token as a nominator.
Staking via CLV Wallet
Staking via Apps


You need to have CLV mobile wallet installed.

Stake $CLV

The following guide shows how to stake $CLV on CLV mobile wallet.

Click the Stake Button


Select Validators to Nominate


Input $CLV Amount for Staking


Sign the Transaction


More Actions

Once you successfully stake your $CLV, you can view the transactions on staking detail page. You can do more actions there, for example:
  • Bound more $CLV
  • Change validators
  • Unstake $CLV
  • Claim staking reword

Create Accounts

You can go to to setup the accounts for staking. There are two accounts in CLV: Stash and Controller. It's recommended to create two separate accounts for Stash and Controller. And you can import your existing accounts as well.
Stash And Controller accounts.
Stash account is the main account of holding your funds. It delegates some staking permission to the Controller account.

Set Accounts and $CLV Bonded

To grant the staking permissions to the Controller account, You need go to the Staking/Account Actions page. Click on the Nominator button.
Then the Setup up nominator dialogs show up:
Setup nominator dialog 1
Select your Stash and Controller accounts and set the value bonded. The payment destination options controls where the staking reward goes. Click next button.
Do keep some balances in your stash account(aka, don't bond all of your funds). You still need some funds to pay the transaction fees.

Select Nominators

Setup nominator dialog 2
You can select some validator candidates to nominate in the second page.
Do only select the validators you trust! Picking candidates only on their current profitability could lead to reduced profits or even loss of funds!
Misbehaved validators will be slashed as well as nominators who nominated them.

Bond and Nominate

Confirm and send the transaction and wait for the transaction is included in the block chain. The account details will show in the Account Details page.
Nomination details
More actions could be found by clicking on the dots at the right side of the account details:
Account actions
You can:
  1. 1.
    Bond more funds
  2. 2.
    Unbond funds
  3. 3.
    Change Controller account
  4. 4.
    Change reward destination
  5. 5.
    Set nominees


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