Stake as a Nominator

In this page you will find guide stake your $CLV token as a nominator.


You need to have CLV mobile wallet installed.

Stake $CLV

The following guide shows how to stake $CLV on CLV mobile wallet.

Click the Stake to Earn Button and choose CLV Staking

Input $CLV Amount for Staking

Select Validators to Nominate

Sign the Transaction

More Actions

Once you successfully stake your $CLV, you can view the transactions on the staking detail page. You can do more actions there, for example:

  • Stake more $CLV

  • Change validators

  • Unstake $CLV

Please note that

  1. The staked tokens will be locked for about 24 days on CLV blockchain after unstaking.

  2. You need at least 1 CLV remain to keep your account alive

  3. CLV will claim the staking reward and add it to your staked fund automatically. All your funds and reward can transfer back to your account after your unstaking.

  4. According to current staking rules of NPOS staking, only top 256 nominators can get rewards from a validator. If you’re not in the list, an oversubscribed tag will show up in the validator list page. Please try to nominate other validators or stake more.

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