CLV Wallet Integration Grant

CLV Wallet Integration Grant sponsored by CLV Foundation is created to support and promote the expansion of CLV Wallet adoption and development.

dApps that integrate the CLV Wallet along with its qualifying users will be eligible for a share of the 30 million $CLV airdrop, accounting for 3% of the total supply.

For the CLV reward airdrop eligibility, users must:

  • Use CLV Wallet for partnering dApp transactions, at least 2 times in a calendar month

  • Wallet should have at least $200 equivalent assets, could be ETH, BNB, DOT, KSM, CLV, SOL or other tokens specified

Airdrops will be distributed in batches by the end of calendar month, eligible users will receive their one-time CLV rewards airdrop directly in their CLV address.

To apply, please fill out this form

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